Proposition Safety Goals Met


On May 13, 2019 we welcomed six new firefighter/paramedics to the O’Fallon Fire Protection District (OFPD). Kyle Chadwell, Kenny Gales, Blake Koppel, Paul McReynolds, Brett Tichenor and Alex Wetteroth are all experienced firefighter/paramedics who will begin serving our community next week. Stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram feeds in the coming weeks to learn more about our newest crew members.

Their hiring concludes a three-year process of implementing the goals in the Proposition Safety plan that was approved by residents in 2016 to enhance emergency services in our community.

Proposition Safety Goals

Goal: Meet NFPA Staffing Standards

Starting next week when our new firefighter/paramedics join their crews we will be the first fire district in St. Charles County to meet NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) staffing standards, with four firefighters on every fire truck every day. Since 2016 we have added 13 additional firefighter/paramedics to the team.

Goal: Provide Advanced Emergency Medical Care

There are now 18 licensed paramedics working for the Fire District and every new firefighter the District hires in the future will also be a licensed paramedic. Each OFPD truck now carries advanced life support emergency medical equipment, including state-of-the-art heart monitors that work with equipment at the hospital to instantly provide information to doctors in the emergency room, and life-saving medications.

Goal: Update Existing Facilities

Our community has grown by more than 40 percent since many of our fire stations were built. In this time our community, and the role of the fire service has changed, causing a need for updates. The District was able to complete renovations including adding additional bunk rooms at Station #5 (7140 South Outer Rd. 364), Station #1 (1200 N. Main St.) and Station #4 (1306 Sunview Dr.). These renovations were made possible by funding from a bond issue that was approved in 2011 and will enable the District to meet the needs of its growing crew and changing needs of the community.

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