The Next Level Of Emergency Response

In November 2016, the O’Fallon Fire Protection District (OFPD) community approved Proposition Safety, which provided funding for the District to enhance its emergency medical services by hiring additional firefighter/paramedics and implementing an Advanced Life Support program.

Now Offering Advanced Emergency Medical Services

In early 2018, OFPD hired seven experienced firefighter/paramedics, after months of working closely with the St. Charles County Ambulance District (SCCAD) to develop new medical protocols and training processes.

“We now have 12 well-trained paramedics in the field with access to the equipment and technology to provide advanced emergency medical services such as administering medicine, securing an open airway and starting an IV,” OFPD Chief Tom Vineyard said in March. “The opportunity to provide this level of service is going to make a life-saving difference in our community.”

Each OFPD truck now carries advanced life support emergency medical equipment, including state-of-the-art heart monitors that work with equipment at the hospital to instantly provide information to doctors in the emergency room, and life-saving medications.

The additional hires bring the District closer to its goals of meeting national staffing standards and having a paramedic on every firetruck. Six additional firefighter/paramedics are scheduled to be hired in 2019 when updates to the District’s fire stations are complete. Every new firefighter the District hires will also be a licensed paramedic.

The District was also able to complete its renovations, adding additional bunk rooms at Station #5 (7140 South Outer Rd. 364) and Station #1 (1200 N. Main St.). The living quarters at Station #4 (1306 Sunview Dr.) is scheduled for a full replacement in the next two years. Renovations were made possible by funding from a bond issue that was approved in 2011 and will enable the District to meet the needs of its growing crew.

You can read more about these projects here.

Under Construction: Engine Houses Updated

The District also continues to update equipment and facilities to meet the emergency needs of the community, including the ability to house up to five firefighter/paramedics per shift.

“Our community has grown by more than 40 percent since many of our station were built. In this time our community, and the role of the fire service has changed, causing a need for updates to our stations,” Vineyard says.

Station #5 at 7140 South Outer Rd. 364, which was built more than 20 years ago is currently undergoing a complete renovation, which will include the addition of one bunkroom.

The station will remain open during the construction, with the crew working from a temporary structure behind the main house. Station #1 at 200 North Main St. is undergoing minor modifications to add a bunk room and Station #4 at 1306 Sunview scheduled for a full replacement in the next two years.