The Community’s Perspective

Every quarter, the O’Fallon Fire Protection District Citizen Planning Committee (CPC) comes together to give the leadership of the fire district insight and direction about the emergency service needs of the community and to provide feedback about long-term plans and future programs.

“These volunteers are an invaluable resource for our district,” OFPD Chief Tom Vineyard says. “They come to us with ideas and observations from the community that we can’t get anywhere else. This information drives the planning for the future of our fire district.”

This board-appointed, volunteer committee of residents and business leaders has been meeting for more than two decades. In addition to providing the District with information, committee members also receive updates on the District’s financial status and its short- and long-term goals, such as fire equipment and apparatus purchases, hiring, and station renovations. This team was instrumental in developing the plan that resulted in Proposition Safety, which recently enhanced the level of service provided by OFPD.