OFPD Crews to Begin Testing District Fire Hydrants

Beginning this week, O’Fallon Fire Protection District (OFPD) crews will be testing fire hydrants throughout the community. Testing is expected to last through June.

“This work is imperative to the proper operation of fire hydrants during emergencies,” OFPD Chief Tom Vineyard says. “We would never want to arrive on the scene of a fire to discover one of our most essential tools wasn’t working, or wasn’t working correctly.”

Fire hydrant testing allows firefighters to complete preventive maintenance on the water discharge caps, outlet ports and operating stems. It also allows rust and mineral deposits to be flushed out of the hydrants and water lines.

Residents may experience some water discoloration during the testing period, due to sediments being flushed out of the water lines. This murkiness is not harmful, and water should return to normal shortly after the testing in each area is completed. Residents are urged to cycle their washing machines prior to putting in laundry, as this will help prevent clothing from becoming stained from possible mineral deposits.

Questions? Contact the O’Fallon Fire Protection District by calling (636) 272-3493, or online at www.ofallonfire.org.