New Firefighter Spotlight: Parker Malensky

Public service has been a lifelong goal of firefighter/paramedic Parker Malensky, who grew up watching his brother work in the fire service.

Malensky, who joined the O’Fallon Fire Protection District in January 2022, began his career as an EMT at Christian Hospital EMS, where he found that he really enjoyed the medical side of the field. This pushed him to continue his EMS training and become a paramedic, which has allowed him to have rewarding experiences including assisting with the delivery of a healthy baby boy!

“I am very thankful to be able to serve the community I grew up around,” says Malensky, who was raised in O’Fallon. “My favorite part of the job is the brotherhood and being able to create a second family that you live with for a third of your life.”

Firefighter/paramedics typically work 48-hour shifts, meaning crews live for two full days together at the firehouse. During these shifts, they enjoy meals together, wash and maintain equipment, and keep up with their training — all between unpredictable emergency calls.

Malensky credits his parents for “working their tails off” to provide for him and his older brothers. He is a proud uncle and the owner of a mini dachshund named Corey. Malensky is a country music lover and a diehard Tennessee Titans fan.