New Firefighter Spotlight: Cody Hughes

Fans of the Ellen Show might recognize O’Fallon Fire Protection District firefighter/paramedic Cody Hughes, who appeared on the daytime talk show in 2020.

Hughes, who joined OFPD in January 2022, grew up watching his mom work as a 911 dispatcher and knew he wanted to follow her path into the emergency services field. 

“I have always been drawn to the excitement of the job and being able to help others in need,” he says. “Some days are harder or busier than others, but we have a lot of fun and love what we do.

“Every day is different. You can plan some parts of the day, but you never know when a call is going to come or what kind of call you will receive. We prepare for everything and always do our best to come up with the best solutions.”

He recalls one call in particular when he and his crew assisted a family in need by creating a concrete sidewalk for a disabled woman so she could have easier access to the house and to their vehicle. 

“This ended up all over social media and on the news, eventually going viral, but the most satisfying and memorable part is seeing the family after the fact and how much it positively affected them,” he says. 

Hughes grew up in Wentzville but visited family frequently in O’Fallon.

“I have spent a lot of time in O’Fallon throughout my life and absolutely love the community,” he says. “I am honored to be able to serve this community that has played such a large role in my life.”

In addition to his many firefighter and paramedic certifications, he also holds an associate’s degree in business from Moberly Area Community College. A father of three, he spends most of his free time with his family and friends, and describes his wife, Whitney, as a “rock star” mom and occupational therapist.

“I would not be where I am today without her,” he says. “She has been a tremendous help to me throughout this journey so far.”

Hughes’ hobbies include staying active by working out and spending time outdoors.