Levi Ammons

Like many of his fellow firefighter/paramedics, Levi Ammons was drawn to the fire service because he wanted to work in a challenging environment where he could make a difference in people’s lives.

“Often we show up on the worst day of someone’s life,” he says. “It doesn’t always work out, and it is very sad to see someone go through that.”

But, he says, the calls when they are able to save someone are more rewarding than anything else he can imagine.

He recalls a medical emergency call where a child was experiencing multiple seizures. The child was still seizing when his crew arrived, but after a few minutes they were able to get an IV in and stop the seizure.

“When dealing with children everything moves a little faster, everyone wants to help a child and sometimes it can be scarier than your normal call,” Ammons says. “In this case the outcome was good, and we went home with such a great feeling.”

He says another favorite part of being a firefighter/paramedic is that the challenges change every day. He says that not knowing what to expect each day makes the job exciting, and the wide variety of tasks and activities gives him an opportunity to interact positively with people in so many different ways.

“One of the things that drew me to the O’Fallon Fire Protection District is how involved they are in the community,” Ammons says. “I have always thought that a huge part of being a firefighter is being involved with the people you serve. I love that I can not only work for OFPD, but also be involved through community outreach and other programs the district puts on.”

In his free time, Ammons enjoys playing basketball, Frisbee golf and cards, fishing and boating, and watching sports. He and his wife — high school sweethearts — are active members of Troy First Baptist Church.