Allison Adams

Allison Adams wanted to be a firefighter since she was a little girl.

I’ve always loved watching the fire trucks go down the street,” she says. “I’m very drawn to the complex dynamics of the job and constant need for problem-solving. I also love life at the firehouse. It’s always a great time with people who become your family.”

But the path to the fire station was not a straight one for Allison, who previously worked as a graphic designer.

“I was told when I was younger that fire fighting was not a good job for a girl,” she says. “As I got older and realized design was not fulfilling me, I decided to go out and get my dream job.”

Allison, who is now a certified firefighter/paramedic, joined the O’Fallon Fire Protection District crew in January 2020.

“I chose OFPD because of the reputation they have with their peers and community,” she says. “A lot of really outstanding people work here and that makes a big difference.”

She now spends her days serving the community and training on different rescue techniques so she is always ready to act quickly and proficiently. She has completed her rope rescue and hazmat training, and also plans to get certifications in water and ice rescue.

“I love that every day is different,” she says. “We have a constant need for creative problem-solving and on-the-spot improvising.”

When not at work, Allison enjoys cooking and spending time outdoors with her dog, family and friends.